FWWB Episodes

Ep 21: Should You Befriend Someone Your BFF Hates?

At 2:05, Raven and Maxwell decide if it’s okay to befriend someone your best friend hates. At 6:35 Raven reads a Please Advise email from a listener who can’t avoid her ex’s mom at the gym. At 10:25 Raven talks about the signs it’s time to quit your job. At

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Ep 20: Don’t You Just Love, Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day! At 2:15 we talk about things you can do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. At 6:15 we read a Please Advise email from a listener who wants to know when he should break up with his girlfriend. At 12:05 we discuss love languages. At 20:40 we

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Ep 16: Do You Know ‘The Secret’?

At 2:56 Raven and Maxwell share how they rang in 2019. At 7:40 Max asks Raven why women post videos of themselves just blinking at the camera. At 11:15 Raven breaks down ‘The Secret’ – A book about the Law of Attraction and manifestation. At 17:00 Raven reads a Please

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Ep 13: What’s A Good Christmas Gift For A Guy?

At 2:10 Raven and Maxwell discuss their Top 3 Max backstage moments at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball. At 10:42 Raven tells the do’s and don’ts of holiday engagements. At 16:05 Max and Raven answer your “Ask Us Anything” questions. At 24:45 we read a Please Advise email from a listener who

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